Company Introduction :

SC Cultural & Educational Pte Ltd specializes in formulating events to promote exchange between Singapore and other countries in the field of culture, art and Education. In order to foster bonds and cooperation between the countries, SC Cultural and Educational Pte Ltd has set up offices in China, India and representative offices in other countries responsible for the exchange and expansion programs. The efforts to foster ties between Singapore and other countries students have been highly commended by the education ministries of the countries.


SC Cultural & Educational Pte Ltd’s objective is to encourage bilateral education and culture exchange. This creates opportunities for students to open up their minds, improve language, communication and interpersonal skills and respect each country’s cultural differences.



To promote China’s illustrious history in the arts and culture, ‘Spring In The City’ Cultural, Arts & Travel Fair focuses on inviting Chinese craftsmen and performing groups to Singapore to showcase China’s rich heritage. Besides creating a platform for Chinese folk artists and handicraftsmen to display their talents and create festive moods during the Chinese Lunar New Year, it also creates an opportunity for Singaporeans to have a deeper understanding of the Chinese arts and culture. This event has thus been successfully held for 28 consecutive years.



Through promoting Singapore as a premier education hub globally, Singapore has been progressively attracting the attention of more overseas students. However the availability of school to these foreign students has been limited by the complex registration process. This has held back foreign students who could not enter their choice of schools. With our extensive experience in handling student exchange programmes and our familiarity with the Singapore education system and government policies, we are able to cater the needs of each and every student, making SC Cultural & Educational Pte Ltd a one stop place for all prospective students.


Our education services include:

Student Summer and Winter learning Camps

English language immersion / intensive programmes

Overseas study

Co-management of international schools and childcare centres

Teacher’s training and exchange programmes

Culture and education seminars

SC Cultural & Educational Pte Ltd